Having more experience and being more mature, Axel understood the importance of giving back.

What’s the point of achieving something, being aware of something or just knowing how to do something, and not letting people benefit from it or not sharing that knowledge that could be life changing for someone else?

To him, sharing and togetherness are underrated values that remain essential to make the world a better place.

« I love this quote from Robert Ingersoll, it precisely defines my vision of sharing and helping others: “We rise by lifting others”. »

It really became a daily challenge for Axel to do things with a purpose, build a legacy, inspire people and help those in need; especially the youth which represent the decision makers of tomorrow.

« As a professional athlete I have the chance to have a tremendous platform, resources, and an audience to help me in my pursuit of giving back to the community. I am going to use it to launch my association which will emphasize education, sports, and culture. »