Axel was born and raised in France by a mixed couple married for 20+ years. Axel’s mom is a reflexologist while his dad was a former professional Basketball player and now coach.

Loyal, generous, and caring when it comes to family, he grew up playing Basketball and Golf. It was a tough decision to make between both sports but eventually today we can say it worked out pretty well for him.

Driven, ambitious and dedicated about his work, his dad taught him a very strong work ethic that he takes pride in carrying to this day.

Axel likes to think he is surrounded by a great circle that plays a major role in his daily life:

« They inspire me, motivate me and help me refocusing on what’s important when needed. It allows me to be the best player possible, help others, strive for greatness and be the creative person that I am.

I always had passions related to creativity whether it’s music, fashion, photography or travel. Fashion is something that I am trying to take to next level so stay tuned! »


Photoshoot at the Macmahon Studio

« I took part in a photo shoot in one of the oldest studios of Paris : the Mac Mahon studio. This is where fashion houses like Chanel and Dior do their ad campaigns. All of this was orchestrated by the talented Parisian photographer Pierre-Alexandre Nowak. We instantly got along very well because we are both hard-working people and share a passion for fashion. Magazines such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar put their trust in him. All of this experience and knowledge were strongly felt during the shoot. »

A day of internship at Givenchy

« Givenchy allowed me to discover their universe from the inside. Stéphane Patenôtre and his team welcomed me for a day of internship where I was allowed to see the daily life of a great fashion house. Between how the work was divided, the creation of new pieces, the fittings and the photo shoots, I really had the opportunity to be part of a typical day at Givenchy. I learnt a lot alongside Stéphane and his team during this day. This was a tremendous opportunity given to me by the LVMH group and in particular Mister Barnard Arnault who made this day happen. »

From left to right : Jasper Nielsen, Stéphane Patenotre, Massimo Giacchetta